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Baja Grain Partnership

There was a long-felt need in the companies working in the agricultural sector in Hungary to a meeting before the harvest, where they can exchange information. Our company, Baja Public Port Ltd. realized this need, and in 2009, creating a tradition, we organized the 1st Baja Grain Partnership professional conference.

Traditionally, Bácska region is the centre of agriculture. The biggest agricultural port of Hungary is a perfect place to organize this event. At the conference the presenters give short, striking presentations on their own speciality, problems and suggestions; the participants can get a line on the expected yield, capacities of the processing industry and the suppliers, intents of sellers and customers, prices. The event opens the door to the participants to meet personally all their partners at one place.

Determining feature of our conference is that all the concerned companies of the complex agrarian business stay at one place.

The event consists of two main parts:

  • Conference: professional presentations, company introductions, presentations of relevant ministries, advocacy organizations, waterway, railway and road forwarders and producers.
  • B2B discussions: Participants make professional discussions with their present and potential partners.

In the previous years, the presenters were from different segment of grain business, thus the audience could get the point of view of representatives of the relevant ministries, waterway, railway and road forwarders, producers and other advocacy organizations.

There is a more and more increasing interest around our event; there are more and more participants from different countries. Last year there were 250 participants from 10 countries (Hungary, Belgium, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia). In view of the great interest, in 2016 the program of the Baja Grain Partnership has been expanded with a publicly announced “eve”.

The evening before the conference we organized a dinner and an informal professional discussion with participation of representatives of relevant ministries, of advocacy organizations and of the trade „from the field to the consumer”. With organizing the “eve” before the day of the conference, we plan to create a tradition.